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An open source standard for security tokens

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Designed with input from issuers, securities law firms, and exchanges.

The EIP is open for comment here.

ERC-1404 in the Wild


ERC-1404 Compatible Wordpress Plugin

Quickstart Guides

Elixxir ERC-1404 Quickstart Guide


Security Tokens and Stablecoins by Weimin Sun, Xun (Brian) Wu, Angela Kwok

Regulatory Working Group Support

Capital Markets and Technology Association (CMTA), based in Switzerland.

SEC Filings

Aptorum Group Ltd. F-1 Filing

Digital Innovative Ltd. F-4 Filing

Theseus Debt Fund N-2 Filing

Arca US Treasury Fund N-2 Filing

Diginex Limited F-4/A Filing


Example code implementation Study

DeFi Prime

Applicature STO Guide

Good Audience ERC-1404 Guide

Community Deployments

Enforcing FINRA Rule 3220 at Fidelity Investments

Arca Labs Arcoin



Consensys via Civil


SablierHQ Example


Smart Pharma Token and IDAX

Sarson Funds and Vertalo





Ryan Adams

Ross Campbell

DeFi Prime

Video Walkthroughs

SF Cryptocurrency Devs Presentation on ERC-1404, Harbor R-Token, and Polymath ST-20

ERC-1404 and How Open-Source Standards will Accelerate Security Token Adoption


ERC-1404 Articles

Read more about ERC-1404, its features and benefits at our Medium blog.

ERC-1404 one year later

ERC-1404 found in SEC filings

605 Days Later: How ArCoins Got the SEC Go-Ahead as an Ethereum-Traded Treasurys Fund


Know Your Token Holders

Know who your token holders are at all times and maintain a whitelist of investor addresses. From re-running sanctions checks to requiring accredited investors only, the simple restricted token standard helps token issuers manage their compliance requirements.

Enforce Complex Restrictions

Enforce complex transfer restrictions. Such as:

Support for Branded Standards

Integrate one standard for global adoption while meeting your compliance requirements. Supports branded standards like Polymath’s ST-20 or Harbor’s R-Token. See examples here.

Commonly Implemented Features

Commonly Implemented Roles

Role Example Entity Actions
Owner Issuer Assign / Revoke Admin + Everything Below
Administrator Transfer Agent or Trading Venue Authorize, Freeze, Revoke, Reassign
Investor Individual or Entity Send and Receive

Built With The Ecosystem In Mind


If you’re seeking to issue a security token, ERC-1404 provides all the tools you need to follow your counsel’s guidance with respect to compliance requirements.


This standard was designed with significant input from the major exchanges to be interoperable across exchanges and easy to integrate on any stack. If this standard does not meet your needs, please open up a Github issue here.

It may be challenging to navigate transfer restrictions in the open source world of blockchain. ERC-1404 provides the tools necessary for your issuers to comply with the applicable domestic and international regulatory requirements.

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